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Zoning Administrator

The City of Maumee has a full service Zoning Division to regulate building development through established zoning practices and maintain the building stock through property maintenance preserving values.  The zoning and building components go hand in hand for review of documents to include proper zoning designation, setbacks and lot coverage.  Should a deficiency in the application occur, the applicant may request an appearance before the Maumee Board of Zoning Appeals requesting relief from the zoning ordinance.  The Zoning Code also covers the Old Maumee Design Review Board.  Building owners within the Old Maumee District must appear before the review board prior to commencing with any exterior change.

Property Maintenance/Nuisance Code 
Zoning ensures that all buildings and structures within the city limits are maintained to the minimum standards as prescribed within the adopted ICC Property Maintenance Code.  Maumee has only one chance at a first impression and curb appeal is important.

Zoning Permits

Residential Setbacks

Maumee Zoning Code   
     (**UPDATES in 2020/2021: Questions contact Zoning Administrator 897-7074)

Nuisance Abatements