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Police Units


Police Units


The Animal Control Officer for the City of Maumee handles all animal complaints within the community. The types of Animal complaints handled are;

  • Dogs and Cats Running at Large
  • Animals Bites
  • Barking Dogs
  • Animal Abuse

It should be noted that he does not handle wild life complaints, unless the situation is an emergency. Examples of emergencies are if a wild animal is prohibiting movement of citizens, is trapped inside your home or vehicle, or is a danger to citizens.

For questions or concerns about animal control, call ACO Ken Streichert at (419) 897-7045 or by e-mail.

Lucas County Auditor: Dog License
Maumee Police Bike Patrol


The Maumee Police has several officers assigned to bike patrol. A Sergeant supervises this specialized unit that currently has eight police bicycles for its operation.   


  • The quiet nature of the bikes allow officers to ride up on crimes in progress 
  • Bikes allow greater access to school yards, parks, and areas where cars can't  travel
  • Bikes can be deployed at special events
  • Bikes allow the officer to work closer to the community


  • Always   wear a bicycle helmet; a bike helmet could save your life
  • Make sure your bicycle is in safe working condition. Check the brakes and handle  bars to make sure they are working properly
  • Follow the rules of the road - ride in the same direction as traffic. Stay as  far to the right as possible
  • Signal your intent to turn
  • Give pedestrians the right of way

Maumee Police Crime Prevention


Crime prevention Officer Wendy Newsome welcomes you to learn more about the various Crime Prevention programs offered by the Maumee Police Division. There is something here for everyone! Whether you are a Maumee resident young or old, someone who is thinking about moving to Maumee, a member of our business community or tourists visiting locally or from cyberspace, we hope you will enjoy learning more about the important task of preventing crime before it happens.

We are committed to serving you and keeping the community informed, so please visit us often. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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Maumee Crossing Guards


The Maumee Police Division employs school crossing guards to assist our elementary school children at street crossings near respective schools. Our crossing guards are great community servants who have our children's safety as their top priority. The Patrol Division covers any crossing if there is an illness.

If you are interested in working as a crossing guard, e-mail Assistant Chief Michael Love

The Maumee Police Division is a Equal Opportunity Employer.
Maumee  Police Detective  Bureau 

The  Maumee Police Detective Bureau consists of 3 Patrolman-Detectives and a Detective  Sergeant. A Maumee Police Detective is responsible for investigating crimes which  a Patrol Officer may not have the resources or time to complete on their own. 

Maumee  Police Detectives do not specialize in investigating a single type of crime. Instead  they investigate the entire spectrum of crimes. Typical cases range from deaths,  thefts, misuse of credit cards, passing bad checks, rapes, robberies, and reports  of child abuse. However, any type of offense may be assigned to a detective if  it requires further follow-up. Detectives typically have additional training in  areas of interviewing, interrogation and crime scene processing.
Detectives complete  an intensive three-week investigation class at the Ohio Peace Officers Training  Center.

To contact the Maumee Detective Bureau, call (419) 897-8911 or E-Mail detective@maumee.org or to report a
Crime Stopper Tip

Some of the benefits of working for the Maumee Police Division:

*Sick, Medical, Injury Leave
*Parental Leave, Funeral Leave, Military Leave
*40 hours of Personal Leave A Year
*Health Plan, Longevity Pay, Shift Differential
*Overtime Pay, Comp Time

Paid Vacation

Anyone interested in the Maumee Police as a career, for further information, and requirements can fill out an information card at the police station or click

The Maumee Police Division is a Equal Opportunity Employer
Maumee  Police Road  Patrol Operations


Community  Oriented Policing is an important philosophy of the Maumee Police Division. The  patrol officer plays an essential part in helping C.O.P. to succeed. The patrol  officer is the first person to arrive on the scene and to have contact with the  citizens. It is this interaction between patrol officer and the members of the  community that is the heart of patrol work. Patrol officers enforce the laws,  respond to calls for service, and assist the public in any way possible. The Division  is committed to the community and it's citizens.

The  patrol officers still provide "small town" services like checking homes while  the owner is away, all the while moving towards the future with cutting edge technology  and investigations. The patrol officers take great pride in a timely, professional  and safe response to the needs of our community. The patrol officers are organized  into three different shifts and each shift is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant.  It is the hard work of the patrol officer that makes the city of Maumee a great  place to live and work.

Patrol  officers initiate reports and are the first responders to a myriad of calls from  simple thefts, domestic violences, and robberies to child custody disputes and  car crashes. The officers can now further investigate offenses, acting as detectives  if they wish and time permits. Officers also initiate VTOs (vehicle traffic offense  stops) when they view traffic violations. Traffic control and motorist assistance round  out the officers duties.

Public Information Officers - Chief Sprow or Assistant Chief Michael Love

The duties of the P.I.O.:

1. Assist news personnel with routine news stories as well as assisting them at critical incidents.
2. Prepare and distribute news releases.
3. Arrange for and assist with news conferences.
4. Coordinate and release information about ongoing investigations.
5. Distribute safety information to the general public.

 The PIOs  are available to assist the media on an on-call basis. They can be reached at (419) 897-7040 or email them at Chief Sprow or Assistant Chief Michael Love.
The purpose of the Maumee Police Division Special Response Unit is to support     and replace, if necessary, patrol officers, at incidents involving barricaded     suspects, hostage incidents and other operations where special weapons and     tactics are or may be needed to bring about a resolution.

Also,  the S.R.U. will be utilized to support patrol and or detective units, in the execution  of high risk arrest warrants, high risk search warrants and narcotics related  warrants and raids.

The team trains twice a month on tactics, movements, firearms and other mission essential tasks.

The MPH Speed Monitor Trailer is the newest edition for speed enforcement in use by the Maumee Police Division. The trailer has an "approach only" antenna that will display speed of 10 mph and above. The trailer displays the oncoming drivers speed on an 18 inch LED display. This unit is equipped with an overspeed option, which alerts the motoring public of speeds in excess of the posted limit. If the speed limit was 35MPH, all vehicles approaching at 46 MPH or more will see their speed flash until they slow to 35MPH or below.

The unit can be towed to any location and is only limited by the space off the side of the road to safely place the unit. In addition to the speed trailer, the Maumee Police Division actively patrols for speeders with radar and laser. The Police Division also enforces the use of seat belts, child safety seats, school zones and all other traffic laws. DUI enforcement is also top priority.

For information about speed enforcement call (419) 897-7071 or email Lt. Jeff Siebenaler.
Maumee Police Division School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a key component to the Division's overall community policing plans and crime prevention efforts within the City of Maumee. The SRO program focuses on reducing crime in our schools and, equally as important, fostering positive relationships with youth.
Officer Scott Russell was selected as the School Resource Officer for Maumee High School. Officer Cory Henson was selected to the SRO program for Gateway Middle School. Both officers, combined, have a total of 25 years law enforcement experience and a strong commitment to our community. The SRO program has proven to be a great benefit to the Maumee Police, Maumee City Schools and the community as a whole.

Definition of a School Resource Officer

As a law enforcement officer, the school becomes the officer's beat. The SRO assists the school administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment. School administrators benefit from the SRO's training, knowledge and experience in handling situations involving possible weapons violations or the identification of controlled dangerous substances. The SRO provides a highly visible presence to deter or identify trespassers on campus. In addition, SRO's provide a service to the surrounding community by addressing concerns such as loitering, speeding or loud car radios. The students when going to or from school often generate these types of community complaints.

SROs are responsible for investigating violations of criminal law and when appropriate make arrests. An SRO's sworn duty to enforce the law does not contradict the need for the SRO to be a positive role model -- it in fact supports it. It is essential for a SRO to endorse high moral standards and use good judgment and discretion. Through this, students learn and understand what a professional police officer does.