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Fire & EMS

Fire Chief Brandon Loboschefski

DSC_04721LOBOWelcome to the City of Maumee Division of Fire web page. The following  information is a summary of what our Division can provide to you and some statistics such as personnel, equipment and our excellent ISO/Public Protection Classification rating (class 3).  We are extremely proud of our City and believe our community is an excellent place to work, live and raise a family.  Within our Fire Division we have three bureau’s; EMS Bureau, Firefighting Bureau and Fire Prevention Bureau.  Specific separate web pages for these bureaus can be found by selecting one of the tabs to the left.

The City of Maumee Fire Division provides service to approximately 14,129 citizens (2010 census) covering about 11.25 square miles. During the day, our service population grows to about 30,000 as a consequence of the many thriving businesses located within our city.
Our fire division is staffed with 55 volunteer firefighters that are trained from a basic level of 36 hours to the advanced level of 240 hours.  We operate under the ICS (Incident Command System). These firefighters respond from work or home to fires, heavy rescue incidents and water rescues.  Our volunteer department benefits Maumee’s citizens by having an excellent response time. There are volunteer firefighters in every neighborhood and these individuals are on the scene of the incident before the fire equipment arrives. Most times we are able to contain the fire while it is still in its infancy, preventing it from getting out of control.  Volunteers also keenly assess the condition of our hydrants and look for what is needed to assist firefighters prior to runs to keep us constantly informed and prepared for any emergency.

The Fire Division apparatus includes two engines, two aerial ladders, one heavy rescue squad, two boats, one Jet Ski.  We also have our beautiful 1928 Ahrens-Fox fire engine that the City purchased new. It is in excellent condition and is used in parades and other important ceremonies. We take pride in all of our equipment. It is maintained regularly and is kept up to NFPA standards.

The full time ranks of the division include the Fire Chief, Chief of the Firefighting Bureau, Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, Chief of Emergency Medical Services, two fire prevention inspectors, thirteen paramedics and one division secretary. Our full time Chiefs respond to call outs such as carbon monoxide detectors alarms, electrical/smoke/natural gas odors and any calls the citizens feel should be looked at any time, day or night.

The full time paramedics that staff the Lucas County Life Squad #7 are housed at station #1. The three city EMS units are manned by 30 paid on-call emergency medical technicians. The paramedics are supported on each life threatening run by an on-call crew of three EMT’s.  If a call is reported to not be life-threatening the EMT’s respond alone. Once again, because of our many volunteers, it is nice to know that there is probably a trained Emergency Medical Technician living close to your home should a problem arise.

As you can see from this brief introduction, the citizens of Maumee are very fortunate to have such excellent fire and ems services. Also, we are looking for qualified volunteers to join our division. To apply a person should be a certified emergency medical technician for the state of Ohio, currently reside within the City of Maumee, and have a valid driver’s license. If you are interested please stop by the fire station @ 220 Illinois Avenue or call for information.


Brandon Loboschefski, Fire Chief
Phone:  419-897-7055, Fax: 419-897-7054
E-mail:  firechief@maumee.org