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Sewers in Maumee are composed of two separate systems, a sanitary system and a storm system.  The sanitary sewer system carries the sewage flow from residential and business properties. Typical sewage comes from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, floor drains, washing machines, dish washers and the like. The flows from Maumee's sanitary system are pumped to the Lucas County Wastewater Treatment Plant which is located on River Road between Maumee and Waterville where the flows are treated and purified before being discharged into the Maumee River. 

The storm sewer system is designed to carry street drainage from catch basins as well as the clean water flows from properties including downspouts and footer tile as well as your sump pump discharge. The storm sewer flows are not treated but instead discharged directly into the various ditches, streams and the Maumee River. If you experience any problems with your sewer system in your house, please call the Sewer Division at 419-897-7190 and they will be happy to help solve the problem or advise you what to do if the problem is with your plumbing. 

If you have a sewer or water related emergency after normal business hours, call 419-897-7040 option 3 for immediate service.