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Direct Auto Pay from Checking Account

Direct Payment is also offered through this office. You may pick up an application at the Utility Billing Office or click on www.directpaymentplan.com.

What is Direct Payment?

Direct_PaymentThis is a service offered by utilities and billers in partnership with financial institutions (banks, savings and loans and credit unions).  You, the customer, will simply complete the authorization form that will allow us to collect, on a recurring basis, the amount of the bill from your checking account as an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment. 

How Does it Work?   

  1. Customer completes the authorization form or sign up by internet.
  2. Biller reviews the banking information and sets the customer up for the service.
  3. Biller sends a bill, 10 days or more before the payment is due. You can review your bill and if its OK, payment will be made automatically.
  4. Biller requests payment from your financial institution on the DUE DATE.
  5. Payment is posted to your account and appears on your monthly banking statement. "Why Use it" or "What's in it for Me"? It's safe and secure, it saves time and money, no postage to pay, bill is paid for you, still receive a bill, no checks to write, no trips to the bank, can't forget to pay, always paid on time, convenience, reduces City's operating costs.