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Riverside Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Maumee and open to all.  It is located on River Road past Side Cut Metropark.  Prices are set on two tiers - for residents and non-residents.  Fees include perpetual care (lawn care, etc.).  Visitation is permitted during daylight only.

riversideResidents may purchase gravesites throughout the cemetery.  Gravesites in the original plat (west of the down-river drive) currently are priced at $450 each.  Gravesites in the Memorial Plat (east of the down-river drive), which are sold in pairs only, currently are priced at $1,100 for two graves.

Non-residents may purchase gravesites only in the original plat (west of the down-river drive) at a price of $750 each.

Burial charges vary according to the day, time, and residency.  Currently full casket burials range from $550 to $1,150.  Burial of cremated remains range from $250 to $600.  Placement of markers or monuments requires that a footer be set and footer charges vary according to size.

Contact the Public Service Department at 419-897-7150 or for information or the Sexton of the cemetery at 419-897-7160 if you wish to make an appointment to select a gravesite for purchase.


     INDIGENT BURIAL APPLICATION - Deceased MUST have been a resident within the city limits of
                                                            Maumee.  The limits are the Ohio Turnpike to the North and East,
                                                            Maumee River to the South and Interstate 475 to the West.
                                                                                                  (SEE MAP)

     ONLINE MAP - NOTE: (8/14/2018) This map is now updated instantly and should be current at all
.  Please contact us at 419-897-7150 if you feel anything is incorrect.