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Frequently Asked Questions


Click on the City of Toledo’s water quality page:

Despite our efforts to do everything possible to avoid obstructions in our sanitary main lines, we do see blockages from time to time. In an effort to better serve our residents, we would ask you to call us first in the event of a lateral line back-up. We will send a crew out to check our main line and report to you if it is a City issue. By doing this, if the issue is a sanitary main line back-up, we can save you the cost of calling a contractor.

The Sewer Department can be reached during their normal business hours 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM at 419-897-7190.  After 3:00 PM they can be reached at 419-897-7009.  Please feel free to contact at any time to answer questions of concern.

The Maumee Sewer Division cleans the sanitary main lines as frequently as possible and has compiled a list of trouble areas that get attention more often. We also have a root treatment program that treats sanitary main lines with root intrusion issues. These lines are treated every 5-6 years on our root treatment maintenance program. We also have a program for grease issues. The sanitary main lines treated for grease issues are in the restaurant areas around the city, and are are treated 2 times a year.

The City of Maumee has over 50 miles of sanitary sewer main lines. Every home and business lateral service line connects into the sanitary main lines. The lateral service line runs from your home or business into the sanitary main line. The main line is usually located in the front or rear of the property and is in the tree lawn, street or alley.  

Many times reimbursement for damage and/or clean up is covered by home insurance.  The Lucas County Sanitary Engineer says home owners should be sure to check the home owner insurance rider on their policy to ensure protection from a sanitary sewer back up is listed.

Please do not place your grass and/or yard waste in the street or storm drains.  Maumee Codified Ordinance Chapter 933 states this is a violation punishable by a fine of not less than $150.00.

“Never blow yard waste materials into the street or down any storm drain.  Every storm pipe leads to a body of water that will be negatively impacted by such materials.” Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG).

Per the Lucas County Sanitary Engineer, disposable wipes does not mean flushable.  Cleaning wipes and baby wipes do not dissolve and can get stuck in sewer pipes and cause costly sanitary sewer backups.  Please dispose with the trash.