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Code and Ordinances

For Residential: 2019 Residential Code of Ohio (ORC), including Maumee Municipal Code, Chapter 11 for Zoning and Chapter 13.

For Commercial:  2017 Ohio Building Code (OBC) model on the 2015 International Building Code.

For Plumbing:  2017 Ohio Plumbing Code (OPC); for residential add the 2013 ORC Chapter 25 Amendment.

For Residential Mechanical:  2013 Residential Code of Ohio.

For Commercial Mechanical: 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code (OMC) of Ohio.

For Electrical: 2017 National Electrical Code for Residential and Commercial

For Property Maintenance:  The code adopted to protect public health, safety and welfare in all existing structures and premises is the BOCA National Property maintenance code, 1996 edition. 

For Permits Required:  A permit shall be obtained before beginning construction, alterations or repairs; other than ordinary repairs using application forms furnished by the building official. Ordinary repairs are nonstructural repairs such as painting, wallpapering, carpeting and do not include addition to, alteration of, or replacement or relocation of water supply, sewer, drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping, electrical wiring, or mechanical or other work for which a permit is required by the Building Official.

For Public Water:  Chapter 921 Codified Ordinance of the City of Maumee.  All work associated with the City's water lines, whether new installation or repair, shall be regulated by the Division of Water.

Applications for water line permits are available at the Inspection Division Office. All water meters shall be supplied and maintained by the Division of Water, except that the cost of maintenance or replacement of meters sized larger than one inch shall be paid for by the property owner. The initial cost of the meters shall be included in the charge made for a tapping permit and paid for by the person requesting service at the time application is made. For service requests or questions about water service, contact the Division of Water at (419) 897-7185.

For Public Sewer/Storm:  Chapter 927 Codified Ordinance of the City of Maumee.  No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public, sanitary, storm, combined sewer or other public sewer or drainage facility or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the Service Director prior to commencement of the work.

A building sewer permit shall be required for all repair work performed by a sewer contractor, except in cases where excavation is not necessary. All applications for building sewer permits shall be made on a special form furnished by the Inspection Division and signed by certified owners or agents. The application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications or other information considered pertinent in the judgment of the Service Director. For questions about sanitary and storm service or construction specifications, contact the Sewer Division at 419-897-7190 or the Capital Projects Manager at 419-897-7153.