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Maumee Indoor Theater Advisory Board

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Administrative Liaison
400 Conant Street
419-897-7115 - Ph         419-897-7114 - Fax 

The City of Maumee has a Maumee Indoor Theater Advisory Board which meets as needed. Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve a three year term. Current Board members are:

MEMBER                                              TERM EXPIRES

Jonathan Fiscus                                        April 4, 2019
Jane Williams, Chair                                 April 4, 2020
Molly Durst                                                April 4, 2019
Linda Fayweather                                      April 4, 2019
Vacant                                                        April 4, 2019
Michael Coyle, Vice Chair                          April 4, 2019
Natalie Kissinger, Secretary                       April 4, 2019
Tracey Elmore (Council Repr.)                   April 4, 2019
Vacant                                                        April 4, 2019
Debra Cartledge, Ex-Officio                       Indefinite
Sam Johnson, MIG Exec. Dir.                    Indefinite
Jim Walters, Mgmt Co.                               Indefinite