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The Americans with Disability Act Advisory Commission (ADA), which meets as needed, was established pursuant to Maumee Municipal Code (Section 185.01).  Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve for a 2-year term.  This Commission was established to assist in the self-evaluation of the services, programs, facilities, policies and procedures of the City to ensure non-discrimination on the basis of disability; to make recommendations for corrective measures to provide accessibility of City services, programs and facilities to persons with disabilities; and to make recommendations to the ADA Coordinator concerning complaints filed with the Coordinator alleging discrimination on the basis of disability

MEMBERS                                                    Terms End:  December 31st

Beth Tischler, Law Director, Chair                            Indefinite
Michael Duket                                                           12/31/17
Eric Sills                                                                    12/31/17
Janet Wolff                                                                12/31/17
 Matthew Kimura                                                       12/31/17

The City is currently looking for interested citizens to participate and fill vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact Beth Tischler, Law Director, at: or (419) 897-7070.