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Detective  Bureau 

The  Maumee Police Detective Bureau consists of 4 Patrolman-Detectives and a Detective  Sergeant. A Maumee Police Detective is responsible for investigating crimes which  a Patrol Officer may not have the resources or time to complete on their own. 

Maumee  Police Detectives do not specialize in investigating a single type of crime. Instead  they investigate the entire spectrum of crimes. Typical cases range from deaths,  thefts, misuse of credit cards, passing bad checks, rapes, robberies, and reports  of child abuse. However, any type of offense may be assigned to a detective if  it requires further follow-up. Detectives typically have additional training in  areas of interviewing, interrogation and crime scene processing. Detectives complete  an intensive three-week investigation class at the Ohio Peace Officers Training  Center.

To contact the Maumee Detective Bureau, call (419) 897-8911 or E-Mail detective@maumee.org or to report a

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