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Bike Patrol


Maumee Police

Bike Patrol

 bike patrol


The Maumee Police has several officers assigned to bike patrol. A Sergeant supervises this specialized unit that currently has eight police bicycles for its operation.   



· The quiet nature of the bikes allow officers to ride up on crimes in progress 

·  Bikes allow greater access to school yards, parks, and areas where cars can't  travel

·  Bikes can be deployed at special events

·  Bikes allow the officer to work closer to the community


· Always   wear a bicycle helmet; a bike helmet could save your life

·  Make sure your bicycle is in safe working condition. Check the brakes and handle  bars to make sure they are working properly

·  Follow the rules of the road - ride in the same direction as traffic. Stay as  far to the right as possible

·  Signal your intent to turn

·  Give pedestrians the right of way