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The City of Maumee Building, Inspection and Zoning office
is located at 
Entrance at rear of building.

Welcome to the Division of Inspection Web Page.  We hope that the information in this link will provide you with the information you are seeking including Permits Forms, Fee Schedules, Zoning Information, current Adopted Code Information and the Zoning Map of the City of Maumee.

The Division of Inspection performs numerous services for the citizens, building owners and contractors that live and work within the city limits.  The priority service of Building Inspection includes structural and mechanical inspections of all residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  Other inspections include required zoning and property maintenance of all structures.

The Maumee Inspection Division is a State Certified full service division offering a one-stop service allowing all required documents to be reviewed and approved prior to commencing work.  All of the building inspection staff carry multi-certification certificates through the State of Ohio which expedites the field inspection process.

The City of Maumee Inspection Division also is a full service Zoning Division.  The zoning and building components go hand in hand for review of documents to include proper zoning designation, setbacks and lot coverage.  Should a deficiency in the application occur, the applicant may request an appearance before the Maumee Board of Zoning Appeals requesting relief from the zoning ordinance.  The Zoning Code also covers the Old Maumee Design Review Board.  Building owners within the Old Maumee District must appear before the review board prior to commencing with any exterior change.

Last but not least, the enforcement of the Property Maintenance/Nuisance Code.  This portion of the Inspection Division ensures that all buildings and structures within the city limits are maintained to the minimum standards as prescribed within the adopted ICC Property Maintenance Code.  Maumee has only one chance at a first impression and curb appeal is important.

The goal of this division is to provide safe buildings, regulate building development through established zoning practices and maintain the building stock through property maintenance preserving values resulting in a safe community in which to live and work.

Please browse this page for building and zoning permit applications, as well as other useful information for your building needs.  As always, please contact this office with any questions.


 Zachary Jenkins
CBO, Building & Zoning Inspector