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456 West Dussel Drive (Physical Address)
400 Conant Street (Mailing Address)

Jim Heckman - Superintendent                                          
Phone: (419) 897-7185                                                   Ford Illinois 2 - Copy (2)water sophia 2
Fax: (419) 897-7184

Todd Walborn - Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (419) 897-7183
Fax: (419) 897-7184

 ***EMERGENCY (419) 897-7189*** 

The Water Division would like to ask residents to assist in making fire hydrants accessible. During snowfall some hydrants become blocked by snow. We would like to request your help to remove the snow from around hydrants so they are visible and accessible. If you have a hydrant in your front yard, please clean a 3’ circle around it.

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