Division of Building, Inspection and Zoning

Electrical Checklist

  • Post address; not Lot # - readable from street
  • Use romex connectors where required on metal fixtures 410-28
  • Contractors have the responsibility to call for inspections:

Rough - before any insulation or drywall is installed
Service - building's permanent roof must be installed
Final - before building or residence is occupied

  • Install smoke detectors on any permit per OBOA 316 (building code)
  • With absence of primary grounding electrode, (city water) install 2nd ground rod or test as per 250-56, (sandy soil)
  • Boxes required for all splices and fixtures including outside lights and receptacles 300-15
  • Bond interior metal water piping on well system as per 250-104 and 250-64 (A) (B) & (E)
  • GFI fans/lights over tubs/showers, 110-3 (UL listing)
  • Ground rods and secure bracing required for T-poles as per Edison specifications
  • Raceways out of side of meter sockets must have seal rings or meyers hub's 314.15
  • Drywall screws are not to be used for mounting meter sockets or A/C disconnects; not suitable for exterior use (galvanized required) 110-11
  • 1 (one) service per building NEC 230-2 (multi family dwellings without structurally independent fire wall [concrete block, etc.] considered 1 [one] building)
  • Cables above joist in attic storage areas shall be protected by guard strip NEC 320.23 & 334.23
  • Grounding electrode conductors run in metal conduits must have bonding bushings 250-64 (E)
  • Seal around service entrance conduits 110-11
  • GFI all outside receptacles including lamp post 210-8
  • Secure raceways as per 300-11, furnace feed; A/C feed; etc.
Temporary wiring shall conform to ART.527 (do not back feed service off temporary poles)