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River Road is open up to Riverside Cemetery.  Riverside Cemetery is accessible except for the Northwest Area which has been marked with 'No Pedestrian' signs.  Please be cautious as there is still debris and knocked over monuments covering much of the area.

We appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness and willingness to volunteer for cleanup at Riverside Cemetery.  At this time we are not scheduling any volunteer projects due to the hazardous conditions still present at the cemetery.  If at some point volunteers are needed the information will be posted on the Maumee web site and on Facebook. 

Riverside Cemetery Staff

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Welcome to the City of Maumee.

Whether you live in Maumee, work in Maumee, or are visiting Maumee, you are sure to recognize the pride we have in our community.

In our Arrowhead Park business district you will find beautiful landscaping with mounding and plenty of trees together with buildings set back allowing nature to flourish.

You will also find well maintained streets with an abundance of trees along them, not only in our business districts, but in our residential neighborhoods as well.



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